19 January 2018, Friday, 10:14

Dozhd TV: Prominent fashion designer thrown in cage like a dog


A Russian TV channel covers the trial against Alexander Varlamov.

Journalists call the process a “show trial” underlining that it takes place in the same courtroom where Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou were tried for metro bombing. Alexander Varlamov is treated like a dangerous criminal.

The TV channel doesn't rule out the possibility that designer's influential enemies stand behind the high-profile criminal case.

The trial against Alexander Varlamov began yesterday in the Minsk Justice House.

The designer is charged with illegal using of premises in the BSU building and  the BSU Lyceum allocated to Sasha Varlamov Fashion School by Belarusian State University. This resulted in underpayment of 88.6 million rubles of lease and utility payments.

Varlamov is also accused of forgery, giving false information in documents, under which the premises allocated to him for the BSU Centre of Modern Style and Fashion was used only but this organisation. Prosecution claims Varlamov hid the fact of using the premises for rendering fee-based services.

The prosecution says Varlamov used state funds provided for advertising Fashion Mill festival to promote his own Sasha Varlamov Fashion School.

Varlamov, the director of Sasha Varlamov Fashion School, former head of the Centre of Modern Style and Fashion Universum Models in the culture directorate at Belarusian State University, former deputy head of the organising committee of national fashion and photo festival Fashion Mill and head of the Centre of Youth Fashion at Belarusian State University, was taken into custody on May 20, 2011.