21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:54

Youth brigades will help riot police

Belarusian Republican Youth Union reports that Youth Brigades for Public Order Security (YBPOS) include more than 15 thousand people, among whom there are school children, students and working youth.

The secretary of the Central Committee of the public association Dzmitry Varaniuk report about that to BelTA.

On the eve of the Youth Brigades for Public Order Security Day, which is celebrated on 6 February, a solemn ceremony will take place in the Belarusian National Technical University. The best YBPOS’ activists will receive awards from the Ministry of Interior, diplomas and BRYU’s badges “For distinctions in public order guarding”. It is expected that the Minister of Interior Ihar Shunevich and the BRYU Central Committee’s first secretary Ihar Buzouski will met the YBPOS’ activists.

An informational and educative seminar, psychological trainings, team-building master classes are also planned.

YBPOS’ memebers, who have references from BRYU, have been enyoing a preferential right to be accepted to the Academy of the Ministry of Interior since 2011, and since 2012 – to the faculty of Interior Troops of the Military Academy of Belarus, Mogilev Higher MIA college. “It is an important stimulus for attracting young people to YBPOS, who aim to acquire a military education, serve in the elite units of the enforcing agencies”, - Dzmitry Varaniuk said.

The secretary of BRYU’s Central Committee noted that the youth brigades for public order security movement has become one of the key profiles of BRYU’s activities. “The participation of the youth in the activities of YBPOS is a form of citizen and patriotic upbringing. The preservation and multiplication of the traditions is, probably, the main reason for the creation of their own professional holiday of the youth brigades, which is celebrated second year in a row on the BRYU’s initiative”, - Dzmitry Varaniuk told.