18 January 2018, Thursday, 11:01

Rubinau: The suggestion to publicize the salaries of officials is populism


The chairman of the Council of the Republic considers populist the suggestion to publicize the data from the public agents’ declarations.

Anatol Rubinau stated that in an interview to BelTA.

When commenting on the amendments to the legislation on counteraction against corruption, particularly the suggestion to introduce obligatory open publishing of the income declarations’ data, Anatol Rubinau noted, that public servants and also the members of their families submit declarations annually.

“I am personally ready to publicize my incomes at any moment. Although I consider this suggestion populist. There is no mystery here, everything is controlled already”, - the chairman of the Council of the Republic emphasized.

Rubinau reminded that the law on public service in Belarus forbids an official to carry out commercial activities. “Apart from the salary, he can only receive incomes from science, teaching, art. He is forbidden to have other sources of income. And if an official receives bribes, he will not declare that anyway. Unfortunately, there are officials of that kind. But they are figured out sooner or later”, - Rubinau said.