22 January 2018, Monday, 7:38

Is Korbut on house arrest?


The information about that has appeared on the internet this morning.

The web-site Belarusian Partisan reported that the former executive officer of Lukashenka’s Mikalai Korbut was placed on house arrest. The web-site referred to its own information sources. Allegedly, having returned to the administration of Lukashenka’s as the head of the executive office, Viktar Sheiman informed the dictator that state money is being stolen on the Belarusian construction projects in Sochi and the terms of delivery are being sabotaged.

Sheiman’s predecessor was removed from the position after the accusations of allowing for massive violations with the building of Belarusian construction projects in Sochi

An investigatory inspection is being carried out and Miakal Korbut has been placed on house arrest until it finishes.

Moreover, his deputy allegedly attempted a suicide – he cut his veins right in his office. Fortunately, he survived and was taken to a hospital. Only the suicide attempts saved the official from being arrested.

We would remind that Mikalai Korbut replaced Mikalai Damashkevich in spring 2009 as the head of the president’s administration executive office. Damashkevich left quietly but barely escaped prison for bribery. By the way, this Korbut should not be confused with a former Finance Minister, it is his full namesake, who worked in the structure of the administration’s executive office as the first deputy head.  

Lukashenka then set the task to put in operation all the Belarusian construction projects being built in Sochi for the 2014 Olympics: a sport and fitness center in Krasnaya Poliana, the development of the resort Belarus in Sochi, the reconstruction and building of new facilities here.