18 January 2018, Thursday, 6:48

Mozyr dwellers to stand trial for helping lonely old man

Police detained dwellers of Mozyr only because they wanted to help a veteran of the Great Patriotic War in the Naraulyany district.

Readers inform charter97.org about the incident.

Adam Rahavets can often be seen in Mozyr playing the button accordion near the market. He is about 90. He went through the Great Patriotic War and lives in the village of Bely Berah in the Naraulyany district close to Mozyr. He has no modern conveniences in the house. Electricity was cut off by the local authorities. He is the only resident of the village.

Mozyr dwellers decided to help Adam Rahavets. They visited him on January 27 and gave him food and boots.

They also promised to visit Adam Rahavets later to bring the rest things he needs, draft-proof his house and prepare firewood. They created a forum theme on the city website for this purpose. Other people joined the initiative and arranged to visit Adam Rahavets on February 3.

Having arrived in the abandoned village, volunteers saw a police car. Police officers met the guests near veteran's house. The took two of the guys to a police station in Naraulyany as dangerous offenders. At the police station, reports over part 2 of article 16.3 of the Code of Administrative Offences were drawn up (Violation of the radiotion safety regulations in radioactivelly contaminated areas).

Participants of the forum claim the police report is only an excuse to explain the detention of the volunteers, who remind the authorities about social problems and  expose the myth about caring for veterans.

The young men, whose only offence was their desire to help the old war veteran forgotten by the local authorities, will stand trial in the nearest days in Mozyr.