21 January 2018, Sunday, 19:48

Frantic rush before dictator’s visit to Baranavichy


Feverish tidying up of the territory around the Baranavichy Cotton Manufacturing Association (BCMA) buildings taking place in the town.

Workers are painting over the writing on the garages, seen from the street, paint the numbers on the houses located close to the BCMA , change road signs and clean roads from snow, intex-press reports. “Lukashenka will fly over! – they say. – We are preparing a ground…”

According to the rumors, going around the town, the ruler is expected in Baranavichy on 12 February. Lukashenka said about his visit to BCMA at the end of 2012.

“The immense cleaning has started yesterday. What was going on here, mama mia! They had been cleaning the snow for almost the whole day, police cars went here and there… The neighbors were guessing, whether the minister of light industry had come”, - and aged city dweller tells.

Sweepers are not surprised with the spontaneous general cleaning: “Miasnikovich came recently, you know, right?! – an aged man in a worn colorless overalls takes a look at the BCMA. – Then we also cleaned the street off snow. By the way, we lack working force, cannot deal with everything altogether. Come work with us…”