20 January 2018, Saturday, 4:21

Presentation of Nyaklyaeu's novel banned in Minsk

Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu planned to present his new novel today, the first day of the International Book Fair in Minsk.

The books from the short-list of Jerzy Giedroyc Award were presented at the stand of the Polish Embassy, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

Staff members of the Polish Embassy say organisers of the book fair came to them and forbade to present Nyaklyaeu's book.

The presentation nevertheless started in front of the exposition stand of the embassy. Security guards came to the presenter, poet Andrei Khadanovich, and gave him five minutes to end the ceremony.

Organisers of the book fair also banned the exposition booth of Lohvinau's publishing house to hold Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu's  autograph session.