18 July 2019, Thursday, 15:03
We are in the same boat

Ihar Koktysh: Regime fights opposition with hands of others

International organizations should deprive the dictator of the possibility to use them against Belarusians.

Ihar Koktysh stated that in an interview to charter97.org right after having been released from a police station in Angermünde, Germany. Immediately after the release he was deported to Poland. Ihar Koktysh does not know whether he can visit other European countries until he receives official information from Interpol.

“According to what they told me, an Interpol request for my detention and extradition was sent in 2012 before the elections, - the opposition activist told. It is unknown, how many opposition activists were proclaimed wanted in this way. It is practically impossible to find out, so any political refugee from Belarus may end up in a situation like this”.

Ihar Koktysh was released after the Polish authorities sent the information confirming his political refugee status. Had not this happened they could have put him in German prison and then deport to Belarus.

“The only thing that saved me was the opportunity to promptly report of my detention and the reaction of the media and Belarusian activists. I am thankful for this support and solidarity”, - Ihar Koktysh says.

The oppositionist noted that Lukashenka’s regime keeps persecuting its opponents even abroad and uses international agencies for these purposes, including the European ones.

“We must put an end to that. International organizations should pay special attention to the requests that come for official Minsk and double check them. Only in this way will they be able not to allow being used as an instrument for repressions”, - he stated.

We would remind that the deputy chairman of the Union for Democracy in Belarus Ihar Koktysh was detained today in the morning in Germany upon the request from Belarusian authorities.

The activist was arrested in Angermünde city near Berlin.

Ihar Koktysh said that Belarusian authorities included him in the Interpol list, that is why he was detained by German policemen.