17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:59

Former political prisoner Artsiom Grybkou died in car crash


The tragedy happened on 13 December 2012.

“He died in a car crash, but I do not want any resonance”, - Artsiom Grybkou’s widow Sviatlana told to Radio Svaboda.

Grybkou’s aunt Liudmila confirmed the fact of her nephew’s death and said that she did not know the details.

According to the desire of Artsiom Grybkou’s relatives he was buried in Karelichy district at his motherland.

Artsiom Grybkou was born on 6 January 1989 in Karelichy. He studied in Minsk light industry college, the arts college in Mir. In 2008 he graduated from a builders’ college in Karelichy.

He did not participate in political parties and movements. He was employed at different working jobs.

At the time of his detention he worked as a loader and a hydraulic press operator in the Gippo trade center. He was detained on 19 December 2010 in Nezalezhnasci square after the protest action against the falsification of the election results. He spent 10 days in the prison in Zhodzina. On 12 January Grybkou was taken to the jail in Valadarskaha street in Minsk from his workplace.

Later he was released and then detained repeatedly; they kept him in the KBG jail. Grybkou was accused of participating in the alleged mass disturbances.

On 26 May 2011 the judge of Lenin court of Minsk Liudmila Grachova sentenced Grybkou to 4 years of imprisonment. He served the term in the colony No 2 in Babruisk. He was released from the colony on 13 August 2011.

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