23 January 2018, Tuesday, 8:39

Members of BRYU are taught to shoot and disperse opposition meetings


BRYU’s public order volunteers told what they are taught in the Youth Brigades for Public Order Security.

A student of the Belarusian Agricultural and Technical University Andrei Sialitski got into the university’s YBPOS very simply. There were no tests like in cool action movies.

“There are no special criteria. I put a t-shirt on and went patrolling the territory around the university. The violations mainly deal with smoking and alcohol drinking. We try to act neatly: manhandling is not welcome”, - he says.

Participant of the youth brigades are prepared for different tasks. It is clear from the pictures, posted in the BRYU YBPOS’ groups on social networks. The young people help schoolchildren cross the street, a Thai-boxer Katia Vandarieva teaches the young generation to kick, the BRYU’s activists prepare to disperse meetings or handle weapons.

“Once a week we train at the military unit 32/14. There we have an hour of hand-to-hand fighting and an hour of medical preparation, - a BNTU student Siarhei Likhvan says. – There are acquaintances of mine, whom they taught to use firearms. Those are the primary ones, who wear the uniform”.