16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:34

5,000 craftsmen protest over child allowance


More than 5,000 craftsmen demand to amend the law on child allowance that deprives them of child benefits.

According to the law, the allowance for children under 3 years is calculated on the basis of country's average salary and amounts to some 1,400,000 Belarusian rubles. The law sets a new restriction: craftsmen, sole proprietors, lawyers and public notaries receive only 50% of the allowance and mothers of disabled children cannot receive allowances if they run a handicraft business, Yezhednevnik website reports.

“We, people engaged in handicraft businesses, are concerned about the issue. There are mothers with small children, expectant mothers who would like to start a handicraft business, single mothers and mothers of disabled children,” Antanina Yeliseyeva writes, the author of the petition to the authorities, writes. “I make scrapbooks albums and cards. I can hardly live on the money I earn. What are single women with children and mothers of disabled children, who often bring them up without fathers, supposed to do?”

The online petition was singed by more than 5,000 people engaged handicraft businesses from all regions of Belarus.

“Perhaps someone very 'wise' decided we rake in money. Let them try to produce something and sell it! The handicraft industry only began to develop, but they already suffocate it. It's state-run racketing,” Yury Zyalevich from Pruzhany says.