24 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:00

Sheiman appeared to be liar


Viktar Sheiman became professor of a non-existing academy.

The information that the head of Lukashenka's Property Management Directorate is a professor of the Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order of the Russian Federation has not been much publicised until his recent appointment to a high post. Only few people knew about it.

On the day of the appointment of Viktar Sheiman to a new post, the website of BelTA news agency published his official biography, which says he has the rank of “professor”.

Blogger d-zholik debunks another myth about the “eminence grise”.

Viktar Sheiman is not a scientist and has no relation to science. His academic rank is another item in his collection of fake awards and ranks.

What academy did give Sheiman the rank of professor?

The Academy of Security, Defence,  aw and Order of the Russian Federation (ABOP) is a Russian national non-governmental organisation founded in Russia on July 10, 2000. It was closed by the decision of the Supreme Court on the request of the Russian Prosecutor General on December 10, 2008.

”The inspection carried out by the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia in collaboration with the Federal Security Service, the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Justice, the Federal Education and Science Supervision and the Heraldic Council under aegis of the Russian President revealed numerous violations of the legislation in the activity of the above mentioned organisation. Being a non-governmental organisation, the academy illegally positioned itself as a governmental institution with appropriate power. It illegally used symbols and attributes of the state power, including the standard of the president of Russia,” the report of the Prosecutor General's Office reads.

The academy illegally gave special ranks coinciding with military ranks of Russia and used elements of service dress similar to the military uniform.

Staff members of the academy had service certificates resembling state-recognised certificates, which were used for personal gain that “created conditions for corruption and discredited the state power”. Service certificates of the academy were noticed in crimes as a rule relating to large-scale frauds, the report reads.

Members of the academy were awarded special ranks – full member of the academy, corresponding member of the academy and honorary ranks “honoured scientist of ABOP” and “honoured lawyer of ABOP” – with giving special label pins and certificates.

The Thesis Committee and the Higher Attestation Committee of the Academy awarded academic ranks and degrees (doctor of science, candidate of science, professor, associate professor). Diplomas and certificated issued by the academy resembled the state-recognised diplomas and certificates that allowed using them in frauds.

Under the law, Sheiman was to hand in an application form and personal history statement before being appointed to a new post. The sixth line of the application form is “academic degree, academic rank (date and reference number of diplomas)”, where he was to write down he is a professor of ABOP.