18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:24

Unidentified firm smuggled Belarusian diesel fuel to Czech Republic


The Belarusian diesel fuel, confiscated by Czech customs officers, was auctioned.

In January last year 24 railway cisterns with diesel fuel were detained in Czech Republic. They arrived from Belarus via Poland. The reason for the confiscation was the non-payment of taxes by the firm that was the owner of the cargo. The name of the firm is not disclosed, Prague Express reports.  

Chief Financial Department of the country’s Finance Ministry initiated a criminal case against a group of people, who wanted to obtain the fuel in a fraudulent way, however it is yet unknown how it ended.

Later the firm with a legal address in Prague had an opportunity to pay the missing taxes, but this was not done. That is why a decision was made to sell the diesel fuel at an auction. The earnings will be send to cover the damage that Czech Republic suffered from the tax non-payment.

The diesel fuel from Belarus was auctioned for 21.3 million crones (1 million 110 thousand USD), the official web-site of the Czech Finance Ministry states.

1.4 million liters of diesel fuel were sold with the starting price of 17 million crones (860 thousand USD).

We would remind that last year Belarus actively smuggled oil products, made out of Russian crude oil, to the European Union’s countries. Firms which dealt with that belonged to the oligarchs from Lukashenka’s inner circle.