19 January 2018, Friday, 16:33

Onerbank has hidden under new name

The Belarusian bank, sanctioned by the US, has changed its name to NEB Bank.

The information comes from a press-release by the National Bank of Belarus.

“Due to the changes in the structure of the owners, and according to the decision of new shareholders, CJSC Onerbank has been renamed into CJSC Nord European Bank (CJSC NEB Bank)”, - the statement says.

The state registration of the changes and additions to the statue of the bank has been carried out by a resolution of the National Bank’s executive board as of 6 May 2013 number 270.

European media wrote earlier that Iranian banks, sanctioned by the West, started registering their branch offices in Minsk. In this way Tehran was trying to circumvent the sanctions with the help of Belarus.

CJSC Onerbank was founded in October 2009 as a 100% foreign capital bank. The bank’s former shareholders were Iranian Bank Refah Kargaran, Bank Saderat Iran and Bank Toseeh Saderat Iran/Export Development Bank of Iran.

In August 2010 the US Finance Ministry Department of Treasury has introduced unilateral sanctions against Onerbank, because the organization is controlled by Iranian banking organizations.

In February 2013 the bank announced the change of shareholders. A resident of Germany H.M. Tanha has become its main owner, his share accounts for 94%. Many experts then said that the sale of Onerbank for an attempt to confuse US financial agencies.