17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:14

Makei in search of money for Lukashenka in Baku


Belarusian foreign minister has arrived in Azerbaijan to agree on new loans.

This statement was made by political observer Raman Yakauleuski in an interview with charter97.org.

“It is the first official visit to Baku by Uladzimri Makei as foreign minister. It's worth noting that Azerbaijan, like Belarus, participates in the Eastern Partnership project. Unlike other post-Soviet EaP participants, these two countries don't have the aim to sign a European Union Association Agreement.

The visit provokes interest, because both Azerbaijan and Armenia celebrated their national holidays on May 28. Lukashenka congratulated Ilham Aliyev, but there's no information about greetings to the Armenian president. It may say that Minsk and Baku have special relations. We shouldn't forget Azerbaijan's role in delivering Venezuelan oil to Minsk through a swap scheme and bailouts to Lukashenka from Aliyev,” Raman Yakauleuski said.

The political observer notes the Belarusian ruler plans to visit Azerbaijan this year. He thinks the countries will discuss new salutary loans for Minsk.

“The theme of money is not just important for Lukashenka. It is vital. Makei will prepare the ground for the upcoming talks on new loans between the Belarusian and Azerbaijani rulers. The questions is conditions for granting loans,” Raman Yakauleuski said.

The political observer reminded that Makei recently visited Armenia, the country that is in fact in a state of war with Azerbaijan. Lukashenka surprised everyone when he took Makei, who was expected to visit Poland, to Armenia. The invitation to Krakow was ignored. It became known yesterday that Makei might be called to Brussels and Vilnius for EaP forums. The deputy foreign minister of Lithuania said EU visa sanctions on the Belarusian minister could be suspended.

“The news came as no surprise. This statement, which, by the way, doesn't say a word about political prisoners, conflicts with the EU's earlier position. Belarus has such a political system that another person from the blacklist may appear in Makei's place already tomorrow. Will sanctions against him be lifted too? Moreover, I am confident that Minsk will not agree on such conditions. The Belarusian authorities insist that Lukashenka should be invited to Vilnius. I don't rule out the opportunity that 'temporally forgiven' Makei will not visit Brussels and Vilnius. I'd like to remind that the first summit of the Eastern Partnership in Prague was attended by then foreign minister Siarhei Martynau and first deputy PM Uladzimir Siamashka. I remember that Zianon Pazniak warned Europe they had the Trojan Horse in the project. Now we see a cavalry unit of Trojan horses in the EaP programme, both from the side of Minsk and Brussels alongside with other European capitals,” Raman Yakauleuski said.