17 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:56

Human rights activists: Haidukou case looks absolutely trumped-up

A press conference on the “spy” case of Andrei Haidukou has been held in Minsk with participation of human rights activists, politicians and civil activists.

Charter97.org learnt it from Dzianis Sadouski, a spokesman for the organising committee to found the Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BCD).

“We have held a press conference today on the trial in the so called spy case of Andrei Haidukou that begins in Vitebsk tomorrow. The event gathered human rights activists, politicians and civil activists, among them coordinator of the civil initiative For Freedom, chairman of the Legal Assistance to Public Aleh Vouchak, leader of the camapign Tell the Truth Uladzimir Niakliaeu, Young Front activist Mikalai Dziamidzenka, businessman Aliaksandr Makaeu and others,” the BCD spokesman said.

He stressed all participants of the press conference demanded open information and public trial in the case of Andrei Haidukou.

“The case looks absolutely trumped-up today. The accusation of installing a dead drop is absolutely ridiculous. The young man is just being tortured. Andrei is a political prisoner. He must be released immediately. At the and of the press conference we signed a petition with these demands. We urged to show solidarity during the trial. The KGB head already said the court hearings would likely to be held behind closed doors, but activists from Vitebsk and Minsk are going to come to the court to support Andrei and his family in the difficult situation,” Dzianis Sadouski said.

Officially, Andrei Haidukou was detained as he was “installing a dead drop with the information interesting for foreign security services”. Many find the accusation absurd.

The civil campaign European Belarus released a statement saying the activist was detained for distributing Charter'97 newspaper. Human rights activists link Haidukou's prosecution to his opposition views and explain it by an attempt to scare young activists.