22 January 2018, Monday, 1:35

PICNIC.BY music fest changes location to Kamarova


The fest "PICNIC.BY", which was supposed to take place on June 29 at Shabli farmstead, has been moved to another venue.

The date stays the same. The festival will take place in the cafe "Kamarova Village", located 5 kilometers away by Slutsk way from Minsk belt road.

The festival's organizer Nick Matoryn has confirmed this information:

"The festival is moved to another venue due to technical reasons. The farmstead will not be able to accept such great number of people on this date. The fest will last till 5 a.m. Naturally, there will be no tent camp, but a free bus will get the people to Kamarova once an hour."

The fest "PICNIC.BY" will take place on June 29. Two stages will work, for more than 20 bands, including Krama, R.S.P, :B:N:, Red Stars, Clover Club. The performance of the band Addis Abeba has been transferred from the line-up of the festival to the pre-party in the Graffiti club, on June 17.