21 January 2018, Sunday, 13:54

Different Russia’s activist took oath in Navinki


Ihar Shchuka was conscripted to Belarusian army despite being ineligible for military service.

In May, the activist of the Different Russia party from our country was recognized as eligible for military service with Belarusian army without a medical expertise provided for by the law, ags.by reports.

Ihar Shchuka has been living with his wife in Russia for over eight years, but he came to visit his parents in Belarus for holidays in May. On 3 May 2013 three policemen came after him. They took Shchuka to a military registration and enlistment office, where he was handed in a subpoena for a medical examination.

Already on 8 May, having not let him finish the medical examination, he was detained, taken to a military registration and enlistment office again and from there – to a local police station. After that Shchuka was taken to court, where he was sentenced to 7 days of arrest for alleged foul language. The activist’s spouse Hanna wrote about that on her blog on Echo of Moscow radio station’s web-site.

Ihar was not let to finish the arrest term. On the third day he was taken to the military registration and enlistment office, from which he was sent to Minsk, to Navinki. He stayed there up until 24 May, and then sent to 72nd military unit in.

But Ihar did not stay in Piechy for long. Couple days ago he was again sent to Navinki for an examination. He could not leave the hospital’s premises and use a phone. On 15 June the military came to him to take an oath.

The story of Shchuka’s conscription to Belarusian army gives rise to no doubt – the conscription was done by order and is political. Actually, it was not concealed by Russian and Belarusian law enforcers, who repeatedly detained Ihar.

According to Ihar, the main initiator of his being sent for military service with no due examination was colonel Zainchkouski – the commissioner of Salihorsk district’s military registration and enlistment office and a member of local council.

It is very strange that he decided to help the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (precisely – the Counter-extremism Center) to deal with the civic activist, having sent him to the army for one and a half years.

If Shchuka is acknowledged eligible for a military service without the necessary examinations, then the question should be raised of colonel Zainchkouski’s occupational fitness, since not only is he unable to control the work of his district’s military registration and enlistment office, but could have conscripted the activist by the friendly request from Russian special services.

Photo: RIA Novosti