17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:55

Mass pig slaughter near Minsk?


A mass slaughter of privately owned pigs is reported in the Valozhyn district.

Privately owned pigs in the Valozhyn district are being killed.

Charter97.org learnt it from a reader.

“There's a mass slaughter of privately owned pigs in the Valozhyn district. People don't receive any information from the authorities about the reasons of the measure and a disease. People prefer to kill their pigs themselves before special slaughter crews do it. Local stores ran out of salt and freezers,” the reader informs.

Charter97.org contacted the State Veterinary Inspection. Chief consultant Kiryl Hlushchanka declined to comment on the situation.

“I am not authorised to give comments to anyone, let alone your website,” he said.

The Veterinary Control Inspection of Maladzechna, which is responsible for the sanitary control in the Valozhyn district, refused to give information about the situation.

It should be reminded that mass deaths of animals were noticed at Uskhodniaye pig farm owned by the Baranavichy Bakery. Local authorities denied any information about the incident, but the territory of the pig farm was cordoned off by the police. Local residents confirmed they saw mass burial of animals.

The most popular version of the incident was an outbreak of African swine fever cases of which were recorded in neighbouring countries. The epidemic could have led to a ban on Belarusian meat export to Russia.