19 April 2019, Friday, 2:31
For our and your freedom!

Guillermo Fariñas: Don't submit, keep on being a rebel


A legendary Cuban dissident appealed to Belarusian political prisoners.

Guillermo Fariñas spent more than 11 years in Cuban prisons for his political activity. He had 23 hunger strikes. In October 2010, he won the Andrei Sakharov Prize founded by the European Parliament. Cuban authorities didn't allow him to leave the country. The dissent received the opportunity to go abroad only this year due to pressure from the international community. He will receive his award in Brussels on July 2. Guillermo Fariñas has arrived Poland recently. He visited the headquarters of charter97.org and sent words of support to Belarusian political prisoners.

“The most important thing for a political prisoner is to be stronger than prison guards. Three times I have been imprisoned. For me that is the matter of pride, those are medals that I bear. It is important for a prisoner to understand that physically they are stronger than you, because there are many of them, they have force and they have their laws. But psychologically you are stronger than all of them, than all prison guards – from private soldiers to generals and even president Lukashenka. Because our strength is that we have our cause.

A most important thing for a political prisoner is never to lose dignity, not to be submitted, keep on being a rebel and spread the word about what is going on in prisons, about the prison’s regime. And God will always bless us.

Photo: wyborcza.pl