23 January 2018, Tuesday, 13:03

Half of staff fired from Horizont’s subsidiary


The remaining employees of the Belit plant are sent to collective farms for agricultural works.

One of the employees of the enterprise reported about that to the charter97.org web-site.

“The charter97.org web-site repeatedly published information on unsatisfactory state of affairs at enterprises of the Horizont holding group, about the lack of work and salaries, and the calls of the workers to dismiss the management. The situation has not changed in the largest part of 2013. Thus, at the plant Belit in Pastavy the workers dissenting from the policies of the director Natalla Subotka, and those were 50% of the workers employed at the production of household appliances, were quickly fired. Specialists and office workers have significant labour conditions changed in violation of the Labour Code of the Republic of Belarus”, - the worker notes.

He highlights that there has not been active production for 6 months already, and employees are sent to the local collective farms for agricultural works and to Pastavy’s flax-mill.

“The management of the holding and the plant Belit in Pastavy have completely isolated from the staff and its problems. To the question when we will have work the director simply sticks to providing the information on the complicated market conjuncture and the absence of the demand on household appliances in the world. The problems of the plant’s employees, miserable salaries, the absence of the possibility to feed their families, director’s unwillingness to join the work and fulfill her duties - all that does not deprive her of the opportunity to eat restaurant food, which is every day delivered straight to her office”, - the enterprise’s employee rebels.

We did not have a reason to doubt the worker’s words, since the telephone was silent at the Belit plant’s reception room. Apparently, even the receptionists were sent to work at collective farms. It is worth mentioning that the enterprise’s web-site is not working either.

We would remind that it became known of the problems at Horizont back in April. Over 100 people were then fired from the enterprise.