16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:11

Picketing against aviation base


The BPF party is going to publicly protest against the Russian aviation base in Belarus.

The chairman of the BPF party Aliaksiej Janukievich has applied to the Minsk city executive committee for a picket against the deployment of Russian military bases in Belarus, Radio Svaboda reports.

Janukievich wants to picket Russia’s embassy on 29 July. The action will be devoted to the anniversary of adopting the Sovereignty Declaration by the Republic of Belarus on 27 July 1990.

“Twenty tree years ago Belarus announced its sovereignty to the world. Belarusians very clearly stated that they no longer wanted to protect someone else’s interest. And now they want to make our land an arena for the confrontation of foreign states, like it was done repeatedly in previous centuries. The deployment of a foreign country’s military units on our land – for the first time since the restoration of our statehood in 1990 – is the line, which must under no circumstances be crossed, - Janukievich says. – Because otherwise Belarusians will become hostages to the Kremlin’s geopolitical games, and these will be not only us, who will have to pay for such a decision, but also our children”.

Minsk city executive committee must reply to the application before 24 July.

Back in April Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed at a meeting with Lukashenka that Moscow was planning to deploy an aviation regiment in the territory of Belarus for protecting the air borders of the “Union State”.

The Russian aviation base will be deployed in Lida and will start functioning already in 2013. The commander-in-chief of Russia’s air force Viktor Bondarev reported about that later.

At the first stage in 2013 it is supposed that an aviation commandant’s office will be created and a flight of SU-30 fighter jets will be deployed for patrol duties.