23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:16

Activists launch online petition for commemorating composer Moniuszko


Activists have launched an online petition urging the Minsk city authorities to put up a monument to Belarusian-born composer Stanislaw Moniuszko.

Signatures to the petition are collected at the campaign website www.change.org.

The campaigners explain that Moniuszko was born not far away from Minsk and studied in what is now the Belarusian capital. They suggest that a monument commemorating the composer should be put up in Freedom Square in the historical part of Minsk before the world marks the 200th anniversary of his birth in 2019.

The square is close to where Moniuszko’s opera Idyll, which was composed to a Belarusian-language libretto, was premiered in February 1852.

Stanislaw Moniuszko (1819-1872) is generally referred to as the father of Polish national opera. His output includes many songs and operas, and his musical style is filled with patriotic folk themes of the Polish and Belarusian peoples.