20 January 2018, Saturday, 20:21

Raman Jakauleuski: Minsk no longer has means of showing Kuzka's mother to EU

Opening the Western front would have been total recklessness on the part of Belarusian authorities.

Another European capital is ready to receive Belarus’ Minister of Foreign Affairs. A political observer Raman Jakauleuski claimed that in an interview to the Belarusian-Russian News. He noted that in the conditions of the tough confrontation between Minsk and Moscow opening the ‘Western front’ would have been total recklessness on the part of Belarusian authorities

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Uladzimir Makej will take part in the meeting of the heads of MFAs of the Eastern Partnership participating countries, which will take place in Brussels on 22 July.

Versions were expressed on the eve of the visit, that Makej might refuse from going to Brussels in the case, if Minsk decided to show its toughness.

- It seems to me that Makej have not been in Brussels since he worked in Strasbourg as an advisor of the Belarusian embassy in France. Now, having become a minister, he will come to Europe again. Although, he will have a temporarily status of a persona non-grata in the EU, recently forgiven to him by his European colleagues, - Raman Jakauleuski reminded.

- What will Makej bring to Brussels?

- One may not guess what Makej will now bring to Brussels. The position of official Minsk on the normalization of the relations with Europe is commonly known, and yet cannot, to be precise - should not satisfy Brussels. The problem of the political prisoners and their exoneration has not disappeared.

- Doubts were expressed that Makej would go to Brussels. Or has official Minsk changed its mind as to showing Kuzka’s mother to the EU?

- As to the threats to show, as you said, Kuzka’s mother to the EU, then Minsk no longer has means for that. One may suppose that Brussels’ commissioners have learnt to perceive different threats from Minsk philosophically. Especially now, when the relations of the EU and Russia are entering a tough phase. A similar process can be observed in the relations between Moscow and Minsk, which has nowhere else to go. So opening the ‘Western front’ would have been complete recklessness.

By the way, having obtained a Schengen visa, Makej may not narrow down his European trip to solely Brussels. According to some information, they are ready to receive him in another European capital too.