24 January 2018, Wednesday, 0:59

Queues in Minsk's post offices (Video)


Post office workers say many people quit. Officials lay blame on Minsk residents.

Residents of the Belarusian capital report about incredibly long queues in some post offices. Some have to spend hours to receive a pension or a parcel. ONT TV channel told yesterday about the problem that had been raised by charter97.org a month ago.

A post office in Labanok Street is stuffed with people in the middle of the day. Only one of four assistants work.

“I understand that their salaries are low and no one wants to work, but you cannot treat people like that,” a pensioner complains.

“All have dismissed. They cannot work here – much work and low salaries,” a post office assistant explains.

An ad offering jobs can be seen at the post office. Trainees are offered a salary slightly more than one million rubles with prospects to earn 4 million.

Post office managers say personnel is not the only problem.

“We have queues because people prefer to pay utility bills from the 20th to 25th day every month,” Viktar Butrym, the director of operations at the postal company Minsk Poshta says. “That's the problem. We develop a network of non-cash payments. We install self-service terminals.

Post office assistants regret to see that people don't want to use them. Not all are ready to trust new technologies.”