21 January 2018, Sunday, 9:36

Sex industry for the powers

It may seem that the winner of Miss Minsk competition and the arrest of Sasha Varlamov have nothing in common.

The media are trying to present the scandal around Miss Minsk as a single event. It is not shown on state TV-channels, and the Council on moral headed by Charginiets has been involved.

Lukashenka’s lifestyle can be compared to the lechery of Stalin’s closest fellow Lavrentiy Beria.

There is no black vehicle with governmental number plate driving in Minsk and picking up the women that the master likes, and there is no need for that. There are model agencies, beauty contents, and, finally, pop music.

Only a very naïve person doesn’t realize today that the Belarusian dictator who has not spent a single day in his Dradzy residency with his official spouse is a permanent client of sex-services provided by various women. Only one name is known– Iryna Abelskaya, his former personal therapist who has become the mother of Lukashenka’s son. Today Lukashenka demonstrates him to the entire world as a fruit of a relationship outside marriage. But countless unknown blondes and brunettes are seen with the leader at various events.

Who are these girls? According to different sources, undoubtedly they belong to the word of fashion and entertainment.

A model from Belarus who left the country and today has a successful career abroad told me once that for her model agency in Minsk it was a common practice to send girls to Lukashenka’s residency ”for dinner”. The parties were held Stalin-style: Lukashenka and his guests ate, drank, and by the end of the evening the leader would pick a model who, as you understand, could not refuse.

According to Belarusian models, agencies use the same scheme with other high officials and local oligarchs. Deliveries of girls to Lukashenka’s residency are a well-established routine.

By the way, as our sources report, there is a bond between the arrest of Sasha Varlamov in 2011 and the fact that the Fashion Agency of Sasha Varlamov used to render similar services to Lukashenka and his officials. Once Varlamov who said that in public was immediately put behind the bars.

The designer has been in investigation isolation cell for more than two years, while the majority of the victims refused from their financial claims and said they had been pressed by the police. Why is a very ill person who used to be the face of the Belarusian fashion industry in prison? Is it because he can’t say something inconvenient?

Not only models make Lukashenka company during his “dinners”. He gets visits from singers, dancers, sportswomen and other beauties.

It all explains why beauty contents held under the patronage of the official powers are won by girls of a specific status, why today’s pop music is dominated by mediocre talents, and why oligarch Shakutin’s protégée represents Belarus at the Eurovision.

An entire “sex-industry for officials” has been established in Belarus. While dissidents spend their lives in prison, the junta is having fun in luxurious residencies and cars, best vacation destinations, and with most beautiful girls.

Recently I have read the records of Beria’s interrogations before his execution. The USSR former interior minister partially admitted his “criminal moral decay”, but he didn’t deny anything; he said he had never raped hundreds of women and girls, because everything had been mutual. But his victims’ testimonies were different; they told about threats of murder, about exile to labor camps. Beria said that the head of personal security Rafael Sarkisov who further was arrested and went crazy, had acted as a pimp.

On July 5, the trial of Sasha Varlamov will be resumed. I doubt that after these two years in prison he will tell in his last word about what could be the actual reason of his arrest. This power always removes unwanted witnesses.

Natallia Radzina, charter97.org, editor-in-chief