18 January 2018, Thursday, 13:04

Belarusian authorities ban Ken Hensley's concert in Minsk

A legendary British rock-musician will not play a concert in the Belarusian capital.

Ken Hensley was to have a gig in Minsk on August 16. An ex-Uriah Heep member wrote on his Facebook account that the Belarusian authorities cancelled the event.

“Hi everyone, unfortunately some bad news: the upcoming Ken Hensley & Live Fire Open Air Show in Minsk has been cancelled, the Belarusian Authorities have banned it. Apologies to anyone who was going or booked a ticket,” he wrote.

The British rock-musician was going to play at the first award-giving ceremony of the rock-club TNT scheduled for August 16 in Minsk's Dreamland Park. It was planned it would be an open-air festival. It became known today that the venue was changed and the ceremony would be held indoors.

Organisers say Minsk ideologists ordered to reduce the duration of the ceremony.

“We planed to have an open-air festival in Dreamland Park. Due to the restrictions relating to the duration of the event, the ceremony will take place in TNT club on 9 Revaliutsyinaya Street. Ken Hesley was officially informed via email that the Main Department for Ideology, Culture and Youth of the Minsk city executive committee reduced the duration of the event,” Natallia Davydava, the director and organiser of NTN Club Musical Award, wrote on Facebook.

Ken Hensley is a British rock-musician, keyboard player, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer best known as a member of the legendary Uriah Heep.

Photo: united-metal.ru