16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:13

MFA doesn’t know how many Belarusians are on vacation in Egypt


For the time being the authorities are not going to take any measures for evacuating the citizens of our country.

The charter97.org learnt that from the embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

“Due to the aggravation of the domestic political situation in Egypt we recommend Belarusian citizens on vacations in Egypt to abstain from travelling beyond resort zones, exclude visits to Cairo and other big cities from their programs, avoid mass concentrations of people, be very careful when out of the hotels. Tourists in the curfew districts, in particular in the resorts of Southern Sinai: Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba, should not leave the territory of hotels between 19.00 and 06.00”, - an employee of the embassy noted.

He highlighted that the embassy for the time being did not possess the data on the number of Belarusian citizens in Egypt, while the remaining information was being specified.

“In these circumstances, we recommend the citizens of Belarus, who are planning their vacation in the region, to abstain from visit Egypt until the situation in the country normalizes. The embassy of the Republic of Belarus to Egypt keeps receiving people on consular matters”, - they added at the embassy.

According to unofficial data, around a thousand Belarusians may be in Egypt.

We would note that Russian authorities have already started evacuating their citizens from Egypt. Tourists are offered to get their money back in the case of evacuation.

Collisions between the army and the supporters of Mohammed Morsi are currently taking place not only in Cairo, but also in many other cities. Witnesses report of actual battles in Minya and Asyut. The access to Giza pyramids and many museums in Cairo and Alexandria has already been closed for tourists. Islamists say that at least 2 thousand people fell victims to the confrontation.

Photo: Bahaa Elmezayen