17 January 2018, Wednesday, 2:03

Police detained street musicians from Ecuador in Minsk


A concert of street musicians from Ecuador near the Tractor Works metro station was wrecked by police.

The incident took place yesterday evening, onliner.by reports.

“I exited the Tractor Works metro station’s underpass around 18.20. At the time Ecuadorian musicians were playing there, - the incident witness reported. – It was very cool, they were singing and dancing energetically. The people, who gathered around, obviously liked it. Many were dancing salsa, smiling. The songs of the exotic artists were met with applause, rewarded with money. It is worth noting that even the people, who obviously were in a strong need of money themselves, for example a man with a bag of empties to be returned for money. All this unusual for a grey Tuesday action did not last long”.

Police detained street musicians from Ecuador in Minsk. Photo: onliner.by

Soon a man in the uniform and a cap came and “established the order”. On the recording it can be seen as the policeman is explaining to the citizens: “I received an order, a riot squad will soon come after them”.

“The policeman did not react to the people’s indignation, - she continues. – A glib tipsy man stood up for the musicians. I liked his comments “Put me in jail” or “I will spent 10 days in jail for each of them”. Together with the Ecuadorians they for some reason grabbed a girl with a reflex camera and took them all somewhere, apparently to a police station”.

Apparently, in order to work as a street musician in Belarus and cheer people up, one must obtain various permissions. At the city executive committee’s police department they failed to explain the situation over the foreign singers and tell where those had been taken.