17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:50

National bolsheviks arrested in Minsk


Police detained Belarusian national bolsheviks, who protested in Minsk against the “conscription slavery”.

On 8 August around 8 a.m. three Belarusian national bolsheviks were detained near their houses: Jauhen Kontush, Dzianis Sakhar and Dzmitry Palienka, BelaPAN reports.

In the bolshevik organization they believe that it is most likely that the detention is linked to the protest against the “conscription slavery”, which took place on 6 August near Belarus’ Defense Ministry building. The national bolsheviks then held a banner at the ministry building’s fence, saying “Down with the army of slaves!” and spread leaflets, explaining the negative sides of a conscription army and the advantages of a contracted one.

According to the organization, the detained are at Minsk’s Central police department.