21 January 2018, Sunday, 17:04

Hooligan from Moscow-Minsk plane given 5 days in custody


A Russian citizen, 32, was sentenced to five days in custody for a drunken brawl on a plane flying to Belarus.

The decision was taken by the Domodedovo city court, ITAR TASS news agency informs.

The hooligan, a resident of Kazan Andrei Kuznetsov, underwent a medical examination before the trial.

The resident of Tatarstan's capital, presumably drunken, started a brawl yesterday on Belavia's plane during the flight from Moscow to Minsk. The crew decided to return to Domodedovo airport. Eyewitnesses later said to the police the “drunken passenger” had been restrained by other passengers.

The plane landed back in Moscow and then took off to the Belarusian capital again to arrive in Minsk with an hour's delay.