20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:59

Belarusian woman escapes from Syrian captivity (Video)


Svetlana Markiyanovich will soon return home.

She and the other former hostage, Carina Coltsa from Moldova, are in Lebanon. Belarusian and Moldavian diplomats are working to send the women back home, Interfax reports.

“According to the information available, a Belarusian citizen is in a safe place. Her life is not in danger,” Maria Vanshyna, the deputy spokesperson for the MFA, said. “Variants of sending her back home are being discussed.”

A video showing two women, who say they are citizens of Belarus and Moldova Svetalna Markiyanovich and Carina Coltsa who were captured by Syrian rebels, appeared on YouTube on August 9. They stand surrounded by masked armed men and read from a paper they arrived in Syria under the guise of journalists to work for Hezbollah.

It was figured out later that the woman called Svetalna Markiyanovich is a resident of the town of Zhodzina (Minsk region). She is 30 years old, not married. Her relatives confirmed it was she and said she had gone to work abroad on late June planning to return home in September.

The Belarusian MFA confirmed that the Belarusian citizen captured by Syrian rebels had visited Lebanon to work as a dancer in nightclubs.