20 January 2018, Saturday, 16:11

Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz calls to pray for priest Lazar

The Archbishop Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilou of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus called on catholic priests to pray for arrested priest Lazar.

The archbishop reminded about the situation of Uladzislau Lazar at a meeting with catholic priests and encouraged priests and monks to pray and not to take any actions without consent of the bishop, the website catholic.by writes.

“The case evoked a wide response in Belarus and the world, but, unfortunately, it didn't lead to unity. The investigation is under way. We cannot suppose today how the case will end. We must pray,” Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz said.

Archbishop Kondrusiewicz asked priests to call on churchgoers to pray for Lazar and pray after Sunday masses for solving the problem.

Lukashenka said on July 26 about the arrest of an officer of the Belarusian security services who worked for foreign states through representatives of the Catholic Church. The security officer “didn't only gave information, his activity harmed the people who work abroad,” he said. Priest Uladzislau Lazar was reported to have been detained later. He is charged with “treason” and giving money to a “spy”.