21 January 2018, Sunday, 7:25

Illa Dabratvor will picket Kapsch’s office


The picket will take place even in the case permission is not granted, the opposition activist promises.

Illa Dabratvor, who was recently fired from the Austrian firm, applied to Minsk city executive committee for holding a picket in support of the citizens, fired on political grounds. He demands to cease the pressure on them.

“If Minsk state executive committee officially refuses to authorize the action, the picket will still take place on 10 November 2013 at 12.00 in Adaeuskaha Street 131 opposite Kapsch’s office, for which I worked before the dismissal. I believe one cannot calmly watch how the people are treated, who have their own opinion. It is unacceptable to fire people for an active civic position”, - he told the charter97.org web-site.

Illa Dabratvor is an activist of the Razam solidarity movement. He was a parliamentary candidate in Minsk rural area number 76 in 2012 and publicly revealed the cases of falsification and vote manipulation. He was fined and arrested for participating in the actions of opposition. In early September the activist was sentenced for 5 days for riding the metro with a white-red-white flag. Illa, who is the father of five children, was fired from the Belarusian branch of an Austrian firm Kapsch.