18 January 2018, Thursday, 16:49

Baumgertner's lawyers want meeting with Kaniuk


Belarusian lawyers, who defend Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertner, insist on a meeting with senior officers of the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus.

Interfax-West news agency learnt it from the Republican Bar Association with a link to lawyer of the Minsk Regional Bar Association Hanna Slavina.

“Lawyers filed a number of complaints in the case last week. In particular, to the Investigation Committee, the chairman of the Minsk City Court and the prosecutor of Minsk. They also filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General of Belarus and a request asking for a meeting with the Prosecutor General or a deputy prosecutor general,” Interfax reports.

“They plan to talk personally to the senior officers of the Prosecutor General's Office to present the arguments to protect Baumgertner's rights and legal interests,” the bar association says.

“The lawyers expect to receive a reply to their request to the Prosecutor General's Office not later than the first days of next week,” the bar association added.

“Commenting on the information that appeared today on some websites that Belarusian lawyers were forbidden to comment on the case, Slavina stressed that lawyers are independent in his activities and obey only laws. The lawyer called the statements in the media incorrect. The principle of publicity of criminal proceedings is guaranteed by the Criminal Procedure Code,” the Republican Bar Association noted.