17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:41

Studio Total: We must move on


The Swedish pilots, who organised the teddy bear airdrop, speak about their plans.

They say Studio Total has achieved everything it was founded for and needs to move on. Tomas Mazetti told charter97.org:

“What could two poor, uneducated drifters do in the world of advertising? We decided to find out. Five years, we gave our little experiment. It became, by far, the best five years of our lives,” members of Studio Total say. “We made money, we won awards. We met Rock stars, Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers yet to be. We drove really fast boats into really hard rocks and flew aeroplanes on at lower altitude than most. We got hunted by the KGB. We got bona fide groups.”

Tomas Mazetti said the plans of the Studio Total crew included startups within the NSID project.

We remind that Swedish citizens crossed the Belarusian-Lithuanian border on a light plane on the morning of July 4, 2012, and dropped pro-free speech leaflets and teddy bears over Minsk and Ivianets. The Belarusian KGB initiated a criminal case over the illegal border crossing. Two Belarusians were detained and later released on their own recognizance.

The flight made the dictator severely criticise and relieve head of the State Border Committee Ihar Rachkoiski and commander of the Air Forces and the Air Defence Troops Dzmitry Pakhmelkin of their posts.

The KGB closed the teddy bear case in June 2013.

The plane that was used for the teddy bear operation was sold on eBay some days ago. The starting price was 1 dollar, but it rose to $11,700 for seven days.