17 January 2018, Wednesday, 14:01

Uralkali threatens Belarusian authorities with lawsuit


The company says it will defend its interests in a court.

This conclusion can be made from Uralkali's official press release.

It says that the company applied to the appropriate Russian bodies asking for assistance in putting an end to “politically motivated” persecution the company's employees.

“Inside and outside Belarus a mass media campaign was launched to discredit Uralkali and its representatives. Efforts were made to hinder operations of the Company and its employees on the international markets were made.

The actions of Belarusian side represent an effort to use the state policy and law-enforcement system in order to the detriment of Uralkali, which is the main competitor of the state-owned Belaruskali,” the statement says.

The Russian company promises not to allow the “unscrupulous statements” of Belarusian authorities to discredit the name and business reputation of Uralkali, injure the honour and dignity of its management, employees and shareholders, mislead Belarusian and international community and to put pressure on the global customers base.

Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertner was detained in Minsk on August 26 when he arrived in the country at the invitation of PM Mikhail Miasnikovich. The Russian tycoon is charged with violating part 3 of article 424 (abuse of power and office).

Top managers of the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) Oleg Petrov, Konstantin Solodovnikov, Igor Yevstratov and Dmitry Samoilov were put on the international wanted list.

Belarus claims that being BPC managers and Uralkali's concerned employees, they used their official power secretly from the Belarusian party to offer illegal discounts to certain buyers, send ships freighted for Belarusian potassium for loading them with Uralkali's products, terminate profitable contracts promising partners to settle contracts with Uralkali on lower prices.

Belarus estimates the damage to Belaruskali and BPC caused by possible illegal activities of Uralkali's top managers at $100mn.