16 January 2018, Tuesday, 22:21

Priest Lazar and Pope’s divisions

There is too much strangeness in the case of the arrested catholic priest.

Even the scarce information, available today, allows for picturing the so-called “priest Lazar’s case” in most sensational Hollywood-style colors.

Here we have the struggle of special services, treason, information on Belarusian spies, working abroad, counterintelligence, looking for a turned policeman… Then come exposure, severe punishment and the president, informing the nation in scarce words of a bitterest treason.

A prepared scenario for a Hollywood blockbuster. Harrison Ford or Brad Pit can be easily given the key roles.

The only thing is not clear – what a modest priest Uladzislau Lazar has to do with this action movie.

Special services kept silent on that matter for long, but in the end produced some scarce explanations.

Thus, according to KGB’s version, the priest had a supporting role in this fight of intelligences and counterintelligences. He, again, according to the version of KGBists, was supposed to be a courier, money and material values were delivered from abroad to the main character of this spy novel – a turned officer of the Belarusian special services.

The priest Uladzislau repeatedly went to Poland, collected money, since he was building a catholic church… But for KGB all this, including the construction of the church was only a good disguise.

But how good actually was this, so to say, disguise?

Since the Soviet times it has been a rule with KGB that every priest is under a watchful oversight. There is an operational file on him, operative and search measures are taken: monitoring, wiretapping, agents working, sermons are recorded, contacts are monitored, first of all the contacts with representatives of authorities or law enforcement agencies etc.

The situation is not much different today in this regard.

So a special service professional, who knows all these details and shamelessly leaking homeland’s secrets abroad, meaning risking a lot, hires no one else but a priest as a courier?

It is weird. And this is not the only weird thing in the “priest Lazar’s case”.

The secret arrest and grave silence for two months. Then Lukashenka’s statement, which, though, did not give any specifics either. The authorities still have not deemed it necessary to clarify the situation and to show at least some evidence of the priest’s having to deal with espionage.

And all this has been taking place with propaganda babbling about the Lukashenka-Vatican friendship in the background!

I have no doubt that regardless of the reasons behind the priest’s arrest (for what we know about KGB specialists, those can we any) that the authorities are playing this case first of all in the political domain.

For the first time in Belarus’ newest history KGB arrested a priest. For the first time since the Stalin era a priest has been charged with a “state treason” and the priest has been put into the Americanka prison…

Evidence? He went abroad! Priest Lazar went to Czestochowa to the Sanctuary of Saint Mary Jasnogorska. A sacred place! But for KGB these all are foreign undermining centers, where sinistrer plans are made…

Very recently such an arrest of a priest seemed impossible. Now this is a fact. The autonomy and independence of the Catholic Church (with the growing economic crisis in the background) are starting to become a burden for Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The “priest Lazar’s case” has become an unambiguous hint – if needed, no one will pay attention to the churchdom – we will do what we want. This is how priests understood the authorities’ actions regarding priest Lazar.

The authorities are no longer satisfied with the Catholic Church’s demonstrative neutrality. They need an ardent support and lobbying for the interest.

“Priest Lazar’s case” may become only an episode in this secret war, the goal of which is to submit the Catholic Church to the state authorities…

- How many divisions does the Pope have? – Josef Stalin once asked Winston Churchill, when the allies decided on the post-war division of the world.

It seems like someone especially gifted here decided to count the Pope’s army.

They have started with priest Lazar…

Andrzej Paczobut specially for charter97.org