20 January 2018, Saturday, 22:02

Iryna Khalip and her son detained at airport


The journalist was flying to Warsaw to see her husband Andrei Sannikov.

The wife of Andrei Sannikov, the leader of European Belarus civil campaign and 2010 presidential candidate, was detained at Minsk-2 airport today. Iryna was denied boarding by the airport security service. Security officers also took away her documents and said to Iryna Khalip she needed to have approval of the KGB to go abroad because she was on the KGB restrictive list.

Iryna Khalip and her son had to wait for 30 minutes for their trip to be permitted by the KGB. She was allowed to board in the end.

“The airport security service confirmed I still was on the KGB list. They have to detain me every time and call the KGB for instructions. The KGB plays a strange game. They don't explain to me why I am on their lists. KGB officers behave as if the whole country belonged to them,” Iryna Khalip told charter97.org.