18 January 2018, Thursday, 18:52

KGB will keep an eye on land distribution


Belarus’ government has introduced changes in the order of land distribution among investors and the conclusion of respective agreements.

Now it will be KGB that will look after the distribution of Belarusian land.

The information comes from the Council of Ministers’ resolution number 774, which introduces changes into the resolution “On the order of concluding, changing and termination of investment agreements with the Republic of Belarus”, adopted back in 2011, Ezhednevnik reports.

Previously any state body was obliged to consider an investor’s application for concluding an agreement and make a decision within 30 days. Now this term will only be in force if the investor does not aspire to obtain a land area for building constructions provided by the investment project. If a piece of land is needed, the term for considering the investor’s application will extend up to 60 days.

If one or more investors lay claims on the same piece of land, the decision on which one gets the land and with which one an agreement is concluded will be made according to the results of a competition, arranged by a state body.