22 January 2018, Monday, 7:35

KGB hides resignation of top security officer


The name of Leanid Dziadkou disappeared from the list of KGB deputy heads.

It may mean his “quiet” resignation, which the KGB doesn't want to go public. Lukashenka made a statement in July about “treason” among KGB officers, Belarus Security Blog reports.

According to the Belarusian ruler, a security official gave a foreign state information probably regarding officers of the national external intelligence working abroad. Lukashenka's remark wasn't followed by details about the investigation process.

The arrest of Uladzislau Lazar, a priest of the Belarusian Roman Catholic Church, is said to have links with the information leak from the KGB.

Experts said the resignation of KGB deputy heads – General Leanid Dziadkou or General Ivan Tsertsel – would show how serious the situation was. Official information about personnel changes in the KGB hasn't appeared until recently.

However, the name of Leanid Dziadkou disappeared from the list of Valery Vakulchyk's deputies. It may be explained as an indirect sign of his resignation. The Major General was responsible for foreign intelligence.