19 January 2018, Friday, 22:26

David Kramer: We should not forget that Belarus remains Europe’s last dictatorship

The West needs a strategy regarding the Lukashenka regime.

This is what the head of an international non-governmental organization Freedom House David Kramer said in a commentary for the charte97.org web-site in the course of a traditional “Snow meeting”, which took place in Trakai in Lithuania on 9-1 January.

He claims that in the West they should not forget that the Belarusian regime remains the last dictatorship in Europe, which is unacceptable. According to David Kramer, it is necessary to decide, how more pressure could be put on the regime in the country, where the situation with human rights “remains terrible”.

- The events in Ukraine and the general attention to the country in the course of last year, Belarus seems to be overshadowed. In December it was the third anniversary of the date, when the Belarusian regime dispersed the manifestation in Minsk, however not many recalled that…

- Unfortunately, this is true. The situation in Ukraine overshadowed the situation in Belarus. It is important for all of us in the West to remember that the situation in Belarus is not improving at all. The situation remains terrible in the sphere of human rights, and we should all decide on how to put greater pressure on the regime while simultaneously supporting civil society. We should not forget that Belarus still remains Europe’s last dictatorship. We should mot deem it acceptable.

- Nevertheless, there is still no strategy on Belarus, is there?

- To be honest, I do not see any. It is time to develop one and, probably, the civil society should take the leading part in that.

The “Snow meeting”, arranged by Lithuania’s MFA, took place in Trakai on 9-10 January. International experts and political activists on the issues of international politics and security policy from Europe and the USA took part.