19 January 2018, Friday, 0:26

Orthodox parish purchases lobsters and royal crabs from USA


One of the parishes of the Belarusian Orthodox Church addressed the department of Veterinary and Sanitary Supervision for permission to import exotic products.

Journalist Viktar Malisheuski paid attention to the documents, published in the institution’s web-site. He posted the copies of some of them on his blog.

According to the documents, the religious community “Parishes in the honor of All the Saints of Minsk Eparchy of the Belarusian Orthodox Church” promptly needed 30 kilograms of refridgerated lobsters, 12 kilograms oysters, 14 kilograms of frozen royal crabs, 7 kilograms of Chilean sea bass, 10 kilograms of refrigerated yellowfin tuna and 10 kilograms of sea scallops.

Belarusian Orthodox Church representatives purchased the expensive products from the USA. According to the documents, they have already been imported to Belarus.