16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:07

Hajdukievich goes for “congress of democratic forces”


Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus will participate in electing the single candidate for participating in presidential elections of 2015.

The information came on Tuesday from the deputy chairman of the party and former head of Minsk Frunze district’s police department Aleh Hajdukievich, Interfax reports.

“We demand that the party took part in this congress. Even if they (representatives of opposition parties) do not want that, we will still come, - he said. – We will find out where the congress takes place, take 100-200 activists and come. I am sure that our candidate will get the votes”.

At the same time Hajdukievich pointed out that “none of them expected such steps from us, but we will come to the congress and we want to urge oppositional political forced to refuse from foreign funding”. “The leaders of Belarusian opposition, who stained themselves with money, should be removed”, - he continued.

Certain representatives of Belarusian opposition are planning on holding a “congress of democratic forces”, at which they want to decide on the single opposition candidate for presidential elections in 2015. It is known that the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus Siarhiej Hajdukievich is going to participate in the presidential campaign. He already was a candidate in the elections of 2001 and 2006 as Lukashenka’s sparring partner.