23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:19

Dzmitryjeu, Hubarevich and Janukievich collected signatures for people’s referendum

The politicians decided to use the municipal elections for collecting signatures for holding a referendum.

Deputy coordinator of Tell the Truth campaign Andrej Dzmitryjeu, BPF party chairman Alaksiej Janukievich and deputy chairman of Movement for Freedom Juras Janukievich jointly collected signatures at Mielezha 4 in Minsk. In 80 minutes the politicians visited 20 apartments: in 14 apartments the owners came out to the visitors, 10 people signed for holding the referendum, Belarusian Partisan reports.

The owner of the first apartment to open the doors turned out not very hospitable. “I am for Lukashenka”, - she claimed peremptorily responding to the suggestion to sign for the referendum. However, she wished the leaders of People’s Referendum luck.

Dzmitryjeu, Janukievich and Hubarevich had come to this house before when they had been formulating the questions to be raised at people’s referendum. That is why many residents met the three with smiles like good old acquaintances. In one of the apartments the signature collectors were met by a young mother, who signed for the referendum without unnecessary forewords. Andrej Dzmitryjeu wished doo health to both the young mother and her son of 4-5 years old, who came out to meet the guests and then to see them out.

A pensioner Emma Iosifovna appeared to be very garrulous. She Is writing a book about her late Kharkov-born husband, a military man. That is why the problems of the military are not an empty phrase for her. Her grandson is to be conscripted to the army soon, although he is sick and suffers from lunacy among other health problems.

The woman’s pension is law – about two and a half million. May be for that reason, may be for some other considerations the woman signed without hesitating.

One of the signatories was a guy, who quit the faculty of international relations at Belarusian State University after having studied for four years. “I realized that it was not something for me, I want to enter BSUIR to be a computer scientist”, - the guy confessed. He also has to be conscripted soon – expects a subpoena in April-May. He is not going to avoid military service, especially because he will serve as a sergeant and for only half a year.

The last apartment, like the first one, was not distinctive with hospitability. The woman, who was apparently having dinner, listened to the signature collectors and claimed she was not happy with the referendum’s format. “Had there been two-three questions, I would have understood, but not six! And they are worded too abstrusely – people will not understand!” – this is how the woman explained her refusal to sign.

Photo: belaruspartisan.org