24 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:27

Lukashenka: Calculate losses and put everyone in jail


The ruler approved arrests for undermining modernization.

Lukashenka tasked Prosecutor General’s office with analyzing the damage caused to the state by the disruption of modernization terms at public company Viciebskdreu in the framework of a criminal proceeding.

“Invite the Prosecutor General, tell him to start a criminal case and consider all the issues and calculate losses. You do not have to agree that with me: if there is a need to follow someone, carry out operational activities, put someone in jail – do that”, - Lukashenka claimed on Friday in Minsk at a meeting on the perspectives of the development of the companies part of the Bellesbumprom concern, Interfax-Zapad reports.

The reason for such an direction was another postponement of the terms of complete launch of production lines in the frames of the project of modernization of Viciebskdreu.

The ruler reminded that the meeting on the development of timber processing industry in Belarus was scheduled to take place at the enterprise and asked the meeting’s participants why the location had been changed. “We agreed that we would meet in Viciebsk in order to assess another stage of the modernization and decide on certain personnel issues. As you see, today’s meeting is taking place in Minsk, not Viciebsk. Why?” – he asked.

The chairman of Viciebsk regional executive committee Aliaksandr Kasiniec reported that “the plant had been built, but there was a problem: low efficiency of the ventilation system in the moulding press workshop”. “The formaldehyde level initially surpassed the maximum permissible value by five times, now – by two. It is not harmless to be in the workshop without a respirator (mask)”, - he pointed out, having explained that currently works were being carried out for eliminating the problem.

We would remind that late last year Lukashenka visited public corporation Barysaudreu for the second time in order to see, how his directions to modernize the Belarusian enterprise were carried out in a year after the previous visit. The outcomes of the president’s visit to the timber processing plant exceeded the most pessimistic predictions.

Having seen that his direction to reconstruct Barysaudreu had been completely ignored, Lukashenka literally gone mad. He immediately fired the governor of Minsk region Barys Batura, having ordered to appoint him as the director of the enterprise, while appointing his aides the chairman of the Bellesbumprom concern Aliaksandr Pieraslaucau. Apart from that the head of the state demanded that criminal cases were started for mismanagement at Barysaudreu.

On the following day the ruler’s indignation was expressed in the decree number 502. According to the document, not only Batura and Pieraslaucau were dismissed, but also the deputy head of president’s administration Andrej Tur. Apart from that the head of the dictator’s administration Andrej Kabiakou and the chairman of the State Control Committee Aliaksandr Jakabson received severe reprimands. The administration also was tasked with developing assessment remarks on whether the first deputy prime-minister Uladzimir Siamashka had the necessary qualification for the position.