19 January 2018, Friday, 14:35

Minsk residents on car tax: However much you pay, roads are still bad (Video)

Residents of the capital do not believe that the car tax will be used for improving the roads.

The leader of the United Civic Party Anatol Liabiedzka and the co-chairman of the For Fair Elections campaign Viktar Karnejenka collected signatures on 5 January in Jakub Kolas square in Minsk for the resignations of the government and cancellation of the car fee, BelaPAN reports.

Belarusians do not believe that the tax will be used for maintaining and improving roads in the country. This is what the people, who signed, said:

“First they said that a road toll will be included in the gas price. It was not. That is why I do not believe”.

“However much you pay them, the roads will still be bad”.

“They asphalt roads in winter, repair holes when it is raining. What sense does it make?”

“Money should be taken for road maintenance from the price of gasoline”.

“This tax will make us even poorer. A car is worth of blood and sweat, plus this self-sseking”.

“It is very important to us that people demonstrated their civic activity, - Liabiedzka said. – The situation in the country make for even putting a signature has become an act of civic activity. People should be awakened. Today he gives a signature, tomorrow he will,probably, come out to the street, the day after tomorrow will be decisively demanding changes in the country”.