22 January 2018, Monday, 21:20

Train service to Minsk National Airport available from 7 November


Diesel trains will start running to the Minsk National Airport starting from 7 November, Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus Anatoly Sivak told.

“The project to enable the train service from Minsk to the Minsk National Airport has been elaborated; the concept of the project has been approved by the government. The work on the project is underway. We have set a task to complete it by 7 November,” the minister said.

According to specialists of the Transport and Communications Ministry, on the first stage of the project the existing railroads will be extended enabling diesel train service almost up to the airport. The remaining distance of 550 meters can be covered by a special low-floor bus or by a moving walkway. After the first stage of the project is complete, passengers and the airport staff will be able to get to the airport from Minsk, Borisov and Smolevichi. After that, a connecting track will be added to the existing railroad, and the entire railway section leading to the airport will be electrified.

Earlier, Belarusian Railways stated that the project to provide the train service from Minsk to the Minsk National Airport should be profitable. The implementation of the project should be accompanied by the development of the related urban and social infrastructure. The train service to Belarus’ major airport is expected to increase the passenger flow and the competitiveness of the railroad.