19 January 2018, Friday, 0:22

Valer Bulhakau: Maidan protests are headache for Lukashenka


It's not by accident that the Belarusian ruler mentioned the events in Kyiv.

Historian and politologist Valer Bulhakau discussed Lukashenka's warning against the Maidan protests in Belarus with charter97.org.

“I’d like to say that the Belarusian Maidan, or to be more precise Square 2015, is a headache for the Belarusian authorities. These questions have been raised in speeches of the country's highest official. My intuition says that the Belarusian security services and relevant bodies will try to prevent the scenario of 2010. The situation is really bad for the authorities. Ukraine's experience shows mass protests in the political centre of the country may lead to a paralysis of the authorities, resignations and a deep political crisis with such possible consequences as, for instance, changes in the geopolitical orientation of one state or another,” he said.

The politologist thinks today's clashes in Kyiv are another round of the struggle for freedom in Ukraine.

“It is happening amid weakness and helplessness of the ruling clique and amid absence of outstanding leaders among the people who have rebelled and chosen long-term protests as their mission. It echoes in the corridors of power in Minsk. Today's events are not fateful. They just show that Ukraine is moving inevitably in the direction of freedom following the Euro-Atlantic choice and similar things. They Belarusian leadership seriously worries about the Ukrainian scenria. It will do everything possible not to allow it in the near future,” Valer Bulhakau said.

We remind that the Belarusian dictator warned market traders against “blackmailing the authorities” due to changing market conditions. He made this statement yesterday at a meeting to discuss the draft decree on the regulation of merchandise sales by sole traders and other individuals.

“Certain politicians representing sole traders, though they can hardly be called politicians, try to blackmail the authorities, including the president. What I wouldn't advise them to do is to make such statements in the media. It can backfire on them. It's no use scaring me. We won't allow Maidan-style protests in our country,” the ruler said.