16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:17

Buses Minsk-Kyiv have to return from Ukrainian border


Busses from Minsk to Kyiv owned by a Belarusian transport operator, failed to cross the Ukrainian border and had to return to Minsk on Wednesday.

“Our buses were not allowed to cross the border last night. We had to return home,” Interfax-West new agency learnt from Minsktrans's branch Bus Fleet No.2.

The company's website informs that Chernihiv will be last station on the route from Minsk to Kyiv for two buses starting February 19.

Buses depart from Minsk at 18:30 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (from Chernihiv – at 23:50 on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and at 23:20 on Friday (from Chernihiv – at 16:10 on Saturday).

“We don't know how long the forced changes in the schedule will remain in force. We'll act dependign on development in Ukraine,” the company says.

Minsktrans's branch Bus Fleet No.2 provides passenger transportation services on urban, suburban, intercity and international routes.